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Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Music ministry

 Music ministry of Faith Creek 

"The mission of the Music Ministry of Faith Creek is to honor God wholeheartedly with a blending of instruments and voices through song, and through song, to draw all ages into the worship experience; to put God first in our lives and in all that we do; and to remember that it is never "about me or us," but always about Him.
                                        To God Be The Glory! 
Faith Creek UMC praise band

        As far as the music selection goes, I look for songs that honor God through the words, that convey a strong sense of love and reverence, and fit the style and abilities of the Praise Team.  As this is sometimes ever changing, that can be a difficult task.  Most Contemporary Music has words that are taken directly from Scripture.  I like to use songs like that because it shows that contemporary music is not just "fast paced", but is Bible centered. It is important that when we are before the Congregation, that we are truly worshiping, not just "singing."  When the Congregation sees the earnest worship of the Praise Team then they are more apt to "let go" and truly experience true worship.

Faith Creek UMC praise band leader,
Robin Adams